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What is the difference between SG-PRO and SG Anti-Clog?

We are always asked "What is the difference between SG-PRO and SG Anti-Clog?" I wanted to create this blog to make it clear and explain to those who are still un-sure, so here we go...

A few years back, Nike used to release their boots in 3 different traction types; FG (Firm ground), SG (Soft ground) and AG (Artificial ground). The SG soleplate back then was an SG-PRO soleplate. That was soon scrapped by Nike when they released their all new Anti-Clog technology. For those not aware, the Anti-Clog soleplate was created by Nike in 2016 "To prevent mud from sticking to the sole of their football boots" because "Mud has always presented unfortunate but seemingly accepted problems". Basically, Nike wanted to live up to their name of "Playing fast in all conditions" and therefore tried to solve this problem of heavy boots (due to too much mud sticking to the bottom of the soleplate) by introducing this new technology. See below the difference between an SG-PRO soleplate (top photo) and an Anti-Clog soleplate (bottom photo).

To stop releasing the SG-PRO soleplate was a very strange decision from Nike in my opinion, but why? The SG-PRO soleplate was incredibly lighter than the anti-clog. The new anti clog technology was brought out to be the 'next big thing' but it is fair to say this new innovative idea from Nike did not go down as well as planned. Ever since Nike have stopped releasing the SG-PRO stud type, we have had message after message asking "Can you source me the old Nike SG-PRO soleplate, I hate the anti clog! It's too heavy and uncomfortable!"

As a footballer myself, I couldn't agree more with these comments. The anti-clog is ridiculously heavy and in my experience, I cannot even say this technology works. With the SG-PRO soleplate you are given a much lighter soleplate - This is what you want with a modern boot right? Well, I do. And so do the hundreds of players who have messaged me asking for the SG-PRO boots back! 

See below some examples of the kind of messages we receive. 

But here's the twist... Nike seemed to have realised that the professionals were not liking this new technology. Too heavy. Simple. So how did Nike counteract this problem? They kept on supplying their sponsored athletes with the SG-PRO boots. This is why you always see the top professionals using this soleplate and NOT the Anti-Clog. See below Wilfried Zaha wearing the SG-PRO soleplate. 

Wilfried Zaha wearing the SG-PRO soleplate

Nike have continued to keep the SG-PRO soleplate for their sponsored athletes only and DO NOT sell this type of boot ANYWHERE. Not on the Nike store or Pro Direct Soccer. But guess what? We do. (I know you are all going to wonder where we get them from now but that's our secret).

So, in conclusion, I think it's clear to see that the Anti-Clog did not go down well. And the SG-PRO is 100x better than the Anti Clog. But the main point I want you guys to take away with you is that when we stock SG-PRO boots, you have a chance to cop what is not available at any other retail store. And they won't be around long!

What is your opinion on this topic? Let us know in the comments below! I can't wait to read them.


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